Renovated UI design for EVOS FL Auto 2 imaging system. I worked with the developers to add in new functions to improve the user experience. As well as involved with overall flow and art direction of the system. I worked closely with my team to conduct Alpha/Beta testing to ensure we gathered as much feedback as possible. We then execute ideas that make sense on both a user friendly and scientific standpoint. During this process, I created interactive prototypes, high fidelity mockups, style guides, typography guides, and pixel perfect assets.
I was the UI/UX designer in the team, working with 2 other UX designers, 2 project managers and 8 software engineers.
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Vessel Holder Style Guides

Vessel holders allow for a perfect fit for user's research. Ranging from slides, to flasks, to dishes. I worked with our project manager to ensure that we had a wide range of designs for customers to chose from. I also worked with engineers to ensure all of the vessel visuals I designs were pixel perfect so that they would align with the hardware without any error. The colors I picked compliment the overall look of the system UI and were also very similar in the look of real life vessel holders. These designs have received very positive feedback from the alpha/beta testers as well.
Vessel Control Color Guides

One of the biggest feedbacks from the early alpha testing was the clarity on the vessel controls. Since there are 6 selection states for each vessel design, to make each state visible and different enough to each other was quiet challenging. I came up with the solution below after a few mockups that were both agreed from my team and alpha testers, the color choices compliment the vessel design and didn't seem out of the place, it also solved the clarity issue of the vessel controls.
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